What is a home automation system?

Home automation systems utilise modern networking technology to make everyday items smart. From lighting circuits to blind and shutter motors, from CCTV security systems to multi-room audio distribution, the control of all of these elements can be centralised and integrated under one easy to use system. One of the greatest advantages of an automated home is the ease with which functionality can be managed on a large variety of different devices: desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, wall-mounted touch screens, etc.

Different automation systems offer an array of different functions. Some of the most common features include remote lighting control with scene setting and holiday modes, multi-zone thermostat control, CCTV video surveillance, alarm system integration, and AV distribution.

Homeowners can use this functionality to save money on their energy bills. Turning off or dimming lighting circuits based on occupancy detection is one straightforward example of making your home more energy efficient.

Automation systems can also be used to improve home security. Alarm systems and PIR detectors can be integrated to provide text and email notification of incidents, as well as third-party hardware for fire and carbon monoxide monitoring.

Energy Saving Controls

Minimise your electricity usage by making your lighting intelligent. Setsquare offer a comprehensive and versatile range of self-contained lighting control modules designed to make your lighting as energy efficient as possible. This includes programmable sensors with light level control and absence/presence control. They are able to control 1-10v, DSI or DALI loads and are simple to setup by remote control.