CBus is a proprietary communications protocol for home and building automation that can handle cable lengths up to 1000 metres using Cat5 cable. It was created by the ‘Clipsal Integrated Systems’ division for use with its brand of home automation and building lighting control system.

It can be used in the control of home automation systems, as well as commercial building lighting control systems. Unlike the more common X10 protocol which uses a signal imposed upon the AC power line, CBus uses a dedicated low-voltage cable or two-way wireless network to carry command and control signals. This improves the reliability of command transmission and makes CBus far more suitable for large, commercial applications.

The CBus System can be used to control lighting and other electrical systems and products via remote control and can also be interfaced to a home security system, Audio/Visual products and other electrical items. The CBus system is available in a wired and wireless version, with a gateway available to allow messages to be sent between wired and wireless networks.


An automation system that runs from a single CAT5 cable and is controlled from a switch, touch-screen, computer or Apple iPhone/iPad.


The ability to integrate Lighting, Heating, Alarm and Media systems with practically any 3rd party hardware and control it all remotely.


Clipsal CBus is capable of controlling systems, from small residential or office installations, to large commercial or industrial complexes.