With over 40 years experience in the lighting industry, Mode Lighting are well placed to provide support in the implementation of lighting controls, LED Drivers and components. Their home automation control system is called eDIN.

eDIN is a modular, “building-block” control system designed to bring simple yet sophisticated control to smaller applications. By selecting individual modules the right size of system can be created and assembled onsite by the systems integrator or installer.

eDIN offers desirable, personalised lighting control while ensuring compatibility with the latest energy efficient light sources creating dimming systems for homes, home cinemas, hotel rooms, auditoriums and corporate offices.

Simple push button control of your lighting is achieved using keypads with either two, five or ten buttons. Buttons can be programmed to best suit the desires of the user, giving them their own intuitive control, blending scene setting, individual circuit control and global commands to suit individual preferences.

eDIN systems are also controllable by devices from other manufacturers including touch screens, iPhones and computers by integrating into a network or as part of a multimedia control system.

This flexible and scalable DIN rail mounted range uses a unique “building block” approach to lighting control.

eDIN includes modules capable of dimming or switching low voltage lighting, energy efficient CFL lamps, fluorescent lighting, DSI products, LED systems and Cold Cathode Convertors.

eDIN also allows for the control of blinds and curtain motors. Modules are connected using industry standard link cables thus reducing installation time.

eDIN supports ethernet connectivity “out of the box”, with a comprehensive webserver and Telnet facilities to enable programming and recall on or off site. This together with full, high-speed, bi-directional RS232 control means that eDIN can easily be integrated or controlled by any third party system.

eDIN is compatible with the Mode MBUS Network, which supports the established Evolution dimming system. This ensures that eDIN can utilise the Evolution’s comprehensive range of control plates and other lighting accessories.

eDIN has been designed for the residential and commercial Audio Visual markets. It further illustrates Mode’s commitment to this expanding market sector.