Minimise your electricity usage by making your lighting intelligent. Setsquare offer a comprehensive and versatile range of self-contained lighting control modules designed to make your lighting as energy efficient as possible. This includes programmable sensors with light level control and absence/presence control. They are able to control 1-10v, DSI or DALI loads and are simple to setup by remote control.

SensorLite is a range of self-contained true multi-sensors, mains powered, occupancy and light level sensors which are designed to automatically switch lighting ON when movement from a human body is detected. It will automatically switch OFF again once movement has ceased and when a pre-set adjustable time delay has expired.

Once energized the sensor will automatically regulate the output and provide a daylight linking dimming operation based on natural daylight ingress. The SensorLite product range when operating with occupancy detection and daylight linking dimming can achieve energy savings of up to 80%.

InfraPOD is a highly flexible detection system which ensures lights are switched off automatically when not required.

Each POD contains a passive infrared detector which senses body movement. When movement is detected and there is insufficient natural light, the control unit switches lights on. An adjustable timer is incorporated in the unit to maintain lighting during periods of inactivity.

When the area is vacated, the lights will be switched off. Lights will not switch on again until the area is occupied once more.

In an age of environmental responsibility, you simply cannot afford to leave lights on unnecessarily. Savings are made by ensuring that lighting is only energized when required.

The LITEminder products represent the most comprehensive and versatile range of self-contained lighting control modules available
for use in shared accommodation throughout the World.

This versatile range of self-contained lighting controls has been well proven through thousands of installations in offices, schools, community facilities, sports halls, military establishments and many more. The range is highly versatile in terms of the design of the units, the sensor coverage patterns available, the type of mountings and the availability of low voltage systems and volt-free relay options.

Fully automatic lighting control – Dramatic reductions in electricity use – Helps reduce global CO2 emissions

Small and unobtrusive – Low profile detectors – Simple to install