Ark Lighting

Ark Lighting Ltd have manufacturing and warehousing facilities in the heart of Yorkshire. They develop cutting edge LED products and systems to ensure that they remain at the forefront of lighting technology. Ark work with leading component firms from around the globe to offer some of the most efficient, innovative and attractive lighting solutions in the market today. One of their key partnerships is with Ragni SAS, having been manufacturing since 1927 in their purpose built manufacturing base in the South of France and the USA, having an extensive range of decorative fixtures and exporting to over 35 countries makes them the perfect partner to provide the backbone of Ark’s decorative product offering.

Their products include: LED light engines for retro fit in to existing lighting products or to incorporate into new luminaire designs, and LED fixtures and systems – advanced LED products, smart technology coupled with smart design.

Ark’s products can be used in a vast array of applications including (but not limited to): Road & Street, Retro fit, Tunnels & Underpasses, Bike Paths, Car Parks, Boundary Delimination, Large Area, Parks, Residential, Sports Area, Harbours, Ports & Airports, Suspended Catenary lighting, Solar, Bridges, Industrial Halls, Traffic Management, Monuments & Facades, Railways, Squares & Pedestrian areas.