Century Lighting

Through three decades the Century Group of Companies has designed and developed high quality lighting products.

By appreciating the needs of our customers and encompassing their vision for a solution beyond just a light fitting, Century are recognised as an energy saving partner as well as a lighting manufacturer. Lighting controls, detection, and dimming are now just as important as the light source itself when offering a solution to a customer, with the cost of the product being relative to an energy saving opportunity. Our highly skilled, experienced sales engineers and energy consultants use their vast knowledge and expertise to turn a capital investment into a money saving opportunity.

They are proud to have a dedicated, highly skilled and loyal workforce who take a tremendous amount of pride in providing our customers with the highest level of customer service. With a Group turnover approaching £10m, they have the financial resource and economy of scale to compete with the leading international brands, but at the same time they have retained the understanding that customer service and after sales support is fundamental to securing our long term success.