Colour Temperature Adjustable LED Tape

Colour temperature adjustable LED tape is a high performance and innovative lighting technology in a professional-grade, low profile lighting solution. This Class-A manufactured luminaire is produced using the highest quality Epistar branded chips. This minimises the possibility of product failure and results in a product with a much higher light output than other, cheaper alternatives being sold on the internet.

The advantage of a colour temperature adjustable tape is that it is populated with both cool and warm white chips allowing you to blend between the two to produce an exact white kelvin value. Several of our projects have automated this feature based on the time of day using advanced lighting control systems.

Our LED tapes are powerful, dimmable, energy efficient and easy to install. Perfect for use in residential and commercial architectural enhancements, letter signage, coving, under and above cabinet lighting, and in a range of entertainment lighting effect applications.

IP20 – Standard Output

Tape Width: 20mm
LWA/3528/CTA/240/P119.2W – SMD3528 – IP20 – 240 LEDS PER METRE – CTA

IP20 – High Output

Tape Width: 20mm
LWA/3528/CTA/240/P1/HO33.6W – SMD3528 – IP20 – 240 LEDS PER METRE – CTA