DX5 Wireless Multi-Zone Wall Dimmer

Our DX5 wireless multi-zone dimmer is a sleek and professional wall-mounted controller for white LED lighting. It features a high-grade tempered touch sensitive glass front panel, 3 memory functions to store scenes, and a 4 zone switch selection.

It is 230V mains powered at the wall, and suitable for 12/24V DC lighting circuits via a wireless receiver. It fits perfectly into standard UK back-boxes and does not require any custom accessories.

This wall mounted controller is capable of dimming LED lighting remotely in 4 separate zones via 2.4Hz wireless RF within a 30-metre range. Alternatively, the unit has a DMX 512 output on the rear for controlling DMX lighting circuits directly via a wired connection.

The DX5 features a quiet musical chord and LED indicator light on each touch, giving you visual and auditory feedback. It also incorporates the latest T-PWM dimming technology plus a 4096 point grey scale which gives a perfectly smooth dimming performance. This high accuracy system gives a much more precise and pleasant touch control than most alternative products available.

Note: wireless receivers sold separately.

Wired Diagram

Wireless Diagram