Micro 1W LED Eyelid Inground Uplight

Our Europa EL is a compact IP68 rated luminaire which is ideal for applications requiring discrete, atmosphere lighting. It has been used to great effect in bathroom and shower installations as a small market light.

It contains a single high-powered 1W Cree LED chip which produces approximately 100 lumens. The body of the fitting is manufactured from marine grade 316 stainless steel and toughened safety glass making it suitable for use outdoors and recessed into floors. The bezel features an eyelid cover for directional lighting applications.

The Europa is 350mA constant current and requires a driver to power it, but multiple units can be wired back to a single driver in series.

The unit has a bezel size of 41.5mm, a depth of 48mm, and a cutout size of 32mm. It comes complete with 1m of flex and is available in cool white, warm white, and a number of single colours.