Illuxtron International

Illuxtron International is a manufacturer of LED lighting solutions in the Netherlands, Europe.

In contrast to many other manufacturers, their production facilities are based in the Netherlands, so they can guarantee high-quality manufacturing and products. They have their own in-house R&D department where all of their designing, drafting, building, and testing is done. That is why over the years Illuxtron have developed to become an important OEM-partner for several large companies.

Illuxtron luminaires are most used for retail, the hospitality industry, museums, offices, and supermarkets. Under the Eyeleds brand, they focus on the upper segment of the design lighting market with exclusive decorative lighting.

Under the Illuxtron brand, we offer a wide range of LED lighting products such as: (track) spots, downlights, surface mounted, modules, and panels. We produce all products in the Netherlands, Europe and because of our unique production methods, we can offer the highest quality (99.5% non-failure) backed by a 7-year warranty. All of this while keeping our prices low. We design our products for the B2B market. As a result, our luminaires are often used in retail, supermarkets, the hospitality industry, museums and offices.

Eyeleds are high-end interior and outdoor LED design lighting products. Eyeleds is known for its ultra-slim products and easy installation options. The built-in walk-over lights are mostly used for decorative purposes. You can install the lights in a wide range of applications, such as: natural stone, laminate, baseboard, carpet, stairs, stone, decking, landing stages and sidewalks. Because of its high quality, Eyeleds products are mainly used by the upper segment of the design lighting market or for high-end projects.