Klus Design

Klus are designers and manufacturers of a huge range of quality aluminium profiles, covers, end caps, fasteners and other accessories that allow people to adapt these products to individual needs.

Their offering includes both small profiles with universal applications made of aluminium and MDF material and products dedicated to specific settings. If you combine this with a wide range of accessories for fastening, sealing, and supplying power to fixtures and a large selection of LED strips, you obtain the number of solutions for which the only limitation is your imagination. Klus can produce suspended or free-standing lamps, wall luminaires, or concealed recessed luminaires.

In response to the signals from their customers and in their daily sales, Klus are constantly designing new technical solutions. They can understand the needs of their clients who want to create modern, unparalleled designs. If you are looking for technical solutions for a unique, innovative lighting system, Klus products can deliver them.

Fast lead time
We hold a large inventory of Klus profiles and associated components.

High Quality
Klus extrusions are made with high quality double anodized aluminum and the diffuser covers are certified. All products are released only after meeting quality management examinations.

Certified & Patented Products
Klus are the innovators of LED extrusions on which they hold international patents and continue to produce new products which meet the high expectations of their customers. Klus also offer covers which are certified for UV and are fire rated. Their products are ETL and UL Listed.