LED Wi-Fi Controller

Our LED WiFi controller is a versatile wireless home/office lighting control system. Through either a direct WiFi connection to the controller, or via your existing wireless router, you are able to control up to 12 individual zones of lighting via the Apple IOS or Android mobile device app.

The WiFi control system includes built-in functions for dimming, colour temperature adjustment, RGB and RGBW control.

If you connect your WiFi controller to your existing wireless router, then you can expand the scope of your installation by using multiple controllers, each with up to 12 individual zones of control.

The mobile apps are free to download from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. This WiFi controller also comes complete with a 2.4G RF M12 handheld remote as an additional method of quick and easy on/off control.

Note: R4-5A receiver units are sold separately.

Apple IOS: Wi-Fi Controller App
Android: Wi-Fi Controller App