M6 LED RGB Controller

Our M6 RGB LED controller is a 3-channel radio frequency wireless unit, renowned for its quality, reliability, and ease of use. The unit comes complete in a kit with one receiver and a wall cradle for the handheld remote.

Multiple receivers can be connected to one remote control, allowing lights on different circuits to be controlled simultaneously. The remote features a number of lighting effects which include: dimming, fading, jumping, flashing, and independent speed control of each effect. There is also a simple palette of preset static colours to choose from for ease of use. As this controller is 3-channel, it can be used with RGB LED lighting and features a separate ‘white’ button.

This RF controller has a range of approximately 30m and does not require ‘line of sight’ to operate. This means that the receiver unit can be hidden away in a cupboard or above a ceiling for instance.

The M6 controller is capable of dimming from 100W at 5V, all the way up to 480W at 24V DC. If you need to provide power beyond these levels, then you can easily extend this with the use of a data repeater such as our RP306 unit. This means that a practically unlimited amount of LED lighting can be added to the circuit.

This product is CE and ROHS approved to comply with UK safety regulations.