RP306 RGB Data Repeater

Our RP306 RGB Data Repeater is in effect a signal amplifier for LED lighting. It is used to extend the power capabilities of your existing LED controller so that you can add more RGB LED lighting than it is originally designed to cope with.

It takes four cores (RGBV+) plus either a 12 or 24V DC power supply on the input side, then duplicates those channel voltage levels on the output side where you are connecting your second lot of RGB lighting. This means the additional lights will perform the same colour changes as the RGB lights that are connected to the main controller. By adding the RP306 RGB Data Repeater and another power supply to your circuit, you can theoretically extend your system to control an indefinite amount of RGB lighting.

This unit is designed for use with 12-24V DC systems only, allowing 5A per channel with a maximum power of 180W at 12V DC and 360W at 24V DC. The power supply and RGB signal wires are connected via screw down style connections.