Steinel are the market leader in lighting sensor technology in both design and quality. They invented the P.I.R sensor in 1987 and have sold over twenty-one million sensor products across the world, with over twenty-five years of history in the UK. Being leaders in sensor technology they are constantly developing new ideas and products to keep ahead of the competition.

As well as manufacturing accurate, reliable and quality performance sensors for their own use, Steinel also supply sensors into the OEM market for use by some of the world’s leading lighting manufacturers. Their 3rd generation sensor range is designed with the latest electronics and is easy to install.

Steinel constantly work with a number of large companies where their specification engineers visit sites to carry out full lighting surveys and produce a cost saving summary showing cost savings, payback times and carbon savings. They have offices across the world and their research and development centre, Their solutions division based in Switzerland are responsible for developing new ideas involving sensors for applications within buildings other than just for control lighting.