Restaurant Lighting

LED lighting can help you create an appealing and inviting atmosphere for your patrons. In fact, it can be just as important as the food that you serve. Poorly lit dining environments do not leave a good impression on customers and can make menus difficult to read and food look dull and unpalatable.

The main components for perfect lighting in bars and restaurants are atmosphere and zoning. The right colour temperatures and light levels can provide a subdued and relaxed ambience at tables and seating areas. At the same time, walkways and through-routes for servers should be lit more brightly to minimise the possibility of accidents and trip hazards. As a general rule, light levels should be bright enough to allow customers to read menus in comfort and to see each other’s faces clearly.

For areas that are suitable for making more of a statement, you can really set the mood with a striking themed colour highlight. Colour change LED lighting is the perfect solution for bar-backs, bottle displays, and casual drinking areas. Both handheld and wall mounted DMX controllers are available that can allow you to change the lighting in individual areas to suit, for example, the time of day or private function you are hosting.

All LED lighting is UV-free, mercury-free, and virtually maintenance-free, making it safer for patrons and employees whilst at the same time a more cost effective method for lighting your restaurant or bar.

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