Stretch Ceilings

Stretch Ceilings

  • Any shape or size can be designed and installed
  • Complex structures can be manufactured such as curves, pitches, waves, domes, etc
  • The material is quick and clean to install
  • The ceilings are maintenance free and easy to clean
  • The membranes used are waterproof which means you create a vapour barrier
  • All materials used are class ‘O’ fire-rated – non-flammable
  • A huge range of colours and finishes are available including: matts, satins, lacquers, metallics, suedes, translucents, etc.
  • Apertures can be incorporated for for lighting, ventilation, detection, velux windows and so on
  • The membranes have excellent sound absorption and light reflectance properties
  • Fibre optic ‘starlight’ and ‘sky’ options are available along with colour change RGB LED lighting
  • Installations are covered by a 10 year manufacturers guarantee

Stretch ceilings use a strong and lightweight titanium-based vinyl membrane. This is clipped into a perimeter track on a steel frame which is constructed to perfectly fit the application.

These tracks can be installed within 30mm of the existing ceiling which means a quick and simple refurbishment or upgrade without the mess and disruption of ripping out existing materials.

These stretch ceilings are most commonly seen in swimming pool areas, but are also fantastic in large open-plan rooms, offices, and retail environments.

We work with a local stretched ceiling specialist with over 40 years experience.

If you would like to discuss your requirements or would like more information about the product, please feel free to give us a call on 02380 00 33 20.